Buffalo Gap


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Today we spent the day in the area around Abilene State Park. The weather was clear with the temperature ranging from the 60s in the morning to the high 70s in the afternoon

One of the most interesting visits was to the Buffalo Gap Historical Village. Buffalo Gap was the original county seat of Taylor County (Abilene is the current county seat). The historical village is arranged around the original county courthouse, the additional structures were moved into the village and include a store, bank, Buffalo Gap Post Office, train depot, wagon house, barber shop, doctor’s office, one room schoolhouse and the Buffalo Gap historic Baptist Church.

The self-guided tour included digital wands with over six hours of narration about the buildings, their use, the people during this time period, and significant events. Our visit was only for a couple of hours, so we listened to some of the narration.

We had a nice sliced brisket sandwich at THE BAR BQ BARN in Buffalo Gap. There is a dining room in the front of the establishment and thru the traditional swinging doors, a bar in the back. The bar has an impressive collection of hats and caps nailed to the back wall. I ordered one jalapeño to go with my sandwich. The jalapeño was about 4 inches long.

I grew up in Texarkana and my brother, Paul, lived in El Paso for quite a number of years. Today that is a driving distance of 814 miles via interstate highways 30/20/10. Texas Farm to Market (FM) Road 89 goes through Buffalo Gap and follows the old Center Line Trail which ran from Texarkana to El Paso.

Buffalo Gap is located in a natural passageway in the Callahan Divide, which divides water shed for the Colorado and Brazos Rivers. Buffalo once used the gap as a natural migration route as they moved to and from the high plains.

Buffalo herds were huge and almost unbelievable in their size. Once when we were visiting Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Amarillo, I heard this story: a cowboy was riding across the plain and encountered a buffalo herd during their migration. He could not see the beginning or the end of the herd so he dismounted and made camp. He camped in that location for over 22 hours before the herd passed his location and he was able to continue his journey.

Tomorrow we are planning on being in the Clovis, New Mexico area.