Abilene to Oasis

ToadDate 0003.10.01.2016-NM

Today we traveled from Abilene State Park to Oasis State Park near Portales, NM, a distance of 277 miles and an elevation change from 1909’ to 4006’. US Highway 84 was used for most of the route and took us from the cotton fields and electric wind farms of Sweetwater to the desert highlands of New Mexico. On entering New Mexico, we had a time change to Mountain Daylight Time.

Most of the day we were driving through the high plains of Texas. We saw over a hundred miles of cotton fields from Sweetwater to past Lubbock. Wind farms extended from Sweetwater to Post (a former company town for Post Cereal). We did see some milo and corn in fields from Post to our entry into NM. Near Muleshoe, TX to our camping ground in NM we saw about a dozen huge cattle feed operations.

Cotton must be a really good cash crop because it seems that all of the land that will grow cotton is planted in cotton.

I have a friend who grew up near Lubbock and whose family farmed cotton. He said that during the spring, he would get on the tractor just before sunrise and plow until dark. He would plow in one direction for about 2 hours and then would turn the tractor around and plow for 2 hours back. Some of the fields up here do look like they stretch for many miles.

The campground is isolated, there were a lot of people here this afternoon fishing and enjoying the park, tonight there are about 13 families camping in the park. The view is fantastic and it is DARK DARK outside tonight.

I took a photo of Myles as he stretched his legs and his tail this afternoon.

Tomorrow we plan to visit some of the sites in the Portales area.


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