Brats, Bacon, and more Bacon

Neuske RV

ToadDate 0239.05.25.17-WI

We are set up in Nekoosa, Wisconsin by a beautiful lake. This campground has a lot of seasonal campers, but also enough short-time campers coming in to keep us from feeling out of place. Some of the seasonal sites look like nearly permanent dwellings with large additions to the RVs. The grass at the seasonal sites must be mowed by the occupants. This is Memorial Day Weekend and the park will fill up with people, right now there are only a handful of people here.

There is a pool with a large 12-foot-tall water spraying cactus. Near but outside of the pool is a large circle of sand that has a 24-inch-high solid board fence around it. Kids get into the area and using their hands the person that is “IT” bats a soccer sized ball at the other players. Once the ball hits you, you are out, and must sit on the fence. Sort of a dodge ball game without all the bruises.

In addition to renting boats, the park also rents golf carts and peddle carts. We have already seen some golf carts decorated for the Memorial Day parade. There are also be an assortment of activities, including tie dying shirts and BINGO, scheduled for the weekend. It will be a big time in the park over the weekend.

Today we went to Wittenburg, WI, which for anyone that visited us when we lived in Wisconsin knows, is the home for Neuske’s bacon. We bought 5 pounds of bacon. When we got home, Elaine found a way to divide it and get it to fit into our freezer. She isn’t sure anything else will fit in the freezer, but we have bacon. We also picked up some of their jalapeño cheddar bacon brats. These are so good.

At Neuske’s they had set up the company RV and were selling grilled hotdogs and brats. They also serve a bean melody that is good. Their RV is set on a 6-ton truck and not nearly as big as ours, but it does move down the road or at least from one end of the parking lot to the other end.

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