They Built It, So We Came

ToadDate 0235.05.21.17-IA

Today we traveled to Dyersville, IA. At Dyersville, you will find the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier. A Catholic church gains the designation of basilica due to a special relationship with the Pope. This church was designated as a minor basilica in 1956 by special proclamation of Pope Pius XII in recognition of the architectural attributes of the church and the fervent faith of the congregation

Also at Dyersville you find the house where Field of Dreams was filmed. This farm is located just outside of town. We toured the home and learned about the process and renovations it took to make this small farm house a movie set. The baseball diamond from the movie is maintained, and yes, they do grow corn around the outfield. You can bring your glove and bat and play ball on the field for free. It is a great photo op.

There is a group of retired professional and semi-professional players that make up the Ghost Players.  This Ghost Players come out of the corn field and plays ball at this field and others in Iowa and Illinois, a couple of the team members were also in the movie

There are plans to build a large baseball complex to provide for tournament play for youth and adult teams in the future. I understand there are some retired professional players that have expressed interest in investing in such a complex. The plans include growing corn around the fields. Neat idea for those who are baseball fans or have a future all-star in their midst.

We spent the night at Kieler, Wisconsin, at the Rustic Oak Campground. This is a small RV campground that has a great view of cows in the adjoining pasture. One of the unique things we found at this campground was a chapel, which is set up to hold services. The chapel has 5 rows of pews, a beautiful view out of the window, and there were Broadman Press hymnals from 1947 in the pew book racks. It would make a beautiful spot for a small (emphases on small) wedding.

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