ToadDate 0244.05.30.17-IA

We said our good-byes to Wisconsin and friends and went south to Quasqueton, Iowa. Go ahead and say that city’s name 3 times fast. We camped in a city park along the Wapsinpinicon River (another tongue twister for you) which runs through the town. The locals call it the Wapsi.

For NBA fans Quasqueton is the hometown of Larry Lujack hall of fame sports broadcaster from the Chicago area.

There isn’t a lot in the city, but the river is spectacular. Upstream it is a calm river that cuts through a lush landscape with large trees draping over the river. You don’t have to go very far from the river to find prairie lands that tend to be dry with very few trees. But go around the bend in the river and you come to warning signs of Class I and II rapids ahead and instructions of where to pull out if you do not have white water experience. We could see and hear these rapids from our campsite.

We were walking along the river watching some jet skiers racing up and down the river. As we rounded the corner where we could see the rapids, the jet skiers were not in sight. We thought they must have pulled out of the river, but no, we saw them on the other side of the rapids. It looks like they took the rapids on the jet skis. Yes, they were young men all under the age of 25.

Just northwest of Quasqueton (sorry, got to put that town’s name in, it’s a good one to hone typing skills) there is Cedar Rock which is a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

A visit to Cedar Rock was the primary reason that we stopped in Quasqueton, we wanted to take the tour. It is one of the homes that Wright not only designed but selected furnishings. He signed one of the tiles used in the home (few of his homes have a signed tile).

Cedar Rock is an Iowa State Park, we arrived on Tuesday May 30th and found it closed. The home is open Thursday – Sunday, 10:00 to 3:00. It sits back on the property far enough that we could not even see it from the front gate.

We never expected a State Park to be closed during the week. Word to the Wise – check the internet to see the operating schedule before you visit. We opted to continue our trip west and hope to get back into Iowa sometime to visit Cedar Rock.

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