Most Irish Place in Nebraska

ToadDate 0246.06.01.17-NE

Where is “The Most Irish Place in Nebraska?” That’s the City of O’Neill. There are shamrocks everywhere – on the sidewalks, signs, the police station, the fire station, even on the main intersection of town a giant shamrock has been made in the concrete (hard to see unless you get a little bit above it). There is a large stone set up on this main intersection that is called the Blarney Stone.

We stayed at a campground that is run by the city parks department (it’s free for 3 days). The campground is in a park that has a rodeo arena, 3 softball fields, and 24 horseshoe pits kept to tournament standards and requirements. We’ve never seen tournament horseshoe pits before. No one was playing while we were there, it looked like you needed a key to get into the complex.

We did go over and enjoy watching some softball. I the youngest age teams we saw, the girls pitched but after 4 balls (normally a walk) a coach would come in and pitch to the batter to keep the game moving. In other levels the girls pitched and the competition was fierce. As you might expect, there was one team that had a repertoire of cheers to shout when they were at bat. It was a fun evening.

On the way to O’Neill, we passed a display of windmills, titled “Prairie Sentinels”. We probably wouldn’t have noticed them as much if it hadn’t been for the road repairs that brought traffic almost to a stop. When you are moving only a few feet in a minute, you can enjoy the landscape. The display had several types of windmills that were new to us, including one that had a 6-sided top that made the blades on it looked like feathers.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, the La Herradura (the horseshoe). It was surprisingly good.


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